Bdeo Visual Intelligence for Claims

Visual Estimate

The precise estimate you need, when you need it most

Visual Estimate uses a Visual Intelligence engine to estimate the costs relating to damages arising from a vehicle claim, using the images provided by the insurer.



Cost estimation

Cost estimation

The automatic cost estimation combines and applies smart rules to decide which parts need to be repaired and which need to be replaced and is guaranteed to find the most optimal solution in terms of cost, time and effort.


Smart rules to automate decisions

Real-time case resolution

Monitoring report

Pixel-level damage detection

Estimate of repair or replacement costs using third party services


Automated cost estimation

Bdeo estimates the cost of repairing or replacing damage to a vehicle.

Simplification of key processes

Thanks to its technology, Bdeo facilitates the procedures to follow in the total loss of a vehicle.

Fraud detection

Verification of the integrity of the evidence through geolocation.

Easy use

Easy and intuitive tool for insurers.

Visual Intelligence for Claims

Visual Total Loss

Visual Intelligence for Claims

Visual FNOL

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