Bdeo Visual Intelligence for Claims

Visual FNOL

We facilitate the automation of vehicle claims notifications (FNOL)

Visual FNOL uses SmartPhoto and SmartVideo technologies to collect evidence, assess damage and provide an estimate of the repair costs associated with handling a vehicle claim.

  • Visual FNOL Management

  • Visual Damage Detection

  • Visual Triage

Visual FNOL Management

After the first claim notification (FNOL), the insured or an expert can collect and send evidence of damage autonomously or guided, aided by Bdeo's Visual Intelligence engine.

Via SMS and without the need to install apps

Customizable evidence collection flow

Scheduling appointments with the insured

API for integrations with third parties

Guided image capture system with templates and Artificial Intelligence

High-quality images analyzed by AI

Multiple call and interactive panel for evidence collection

Anti-fraud control

Visual Damage Detection

Using Artificial Intelligence, the damage is analyzed and weighted down to the last detail: type, location, severity and even the extent of the damaged surface.

Geolocation with GPS coordinates

Management panel for efficient analysis of evidence

Detection of the make and model of the vehicle, damaged surface, type of damage and its severity

VIN and license plate detection, capture and decoding via OCR

Damage detection

Visual Triage

With this assessment, Bdeo allows the insurer to easily determine whether to offer a compensation proposal based on the damage detected, conduct a remote assessment, or send an expert to inspect the vehicle.

Recommendation of the most optimal solution in terms of cost, time and effort

Smart rules for deciding which items should be repaired and which should be replaced


Notification management automation

More accessible and ordered notifications automatically for better management

Simplification of key processes

Thanks to its technology, Bdeo facilitates the procedures to follow in the notification of a claim

Improvement in the digital experience of the insured

The insured will subscribe or solve a claim easily and without long waits.

Fraud detection

Verification of the integrity of the evidence through geolocation.

Easy use

For all parties whether they are insured, expert or brokerage.

Visual Intelligence for Claims

Visual Estimate

Visual Intelligence for Claims

Visual Total Loss

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