Bdeo Visual Intelligence Inspection

Visual Underwriting

Automated, accurate, and record-time auto insurance underwriting

Visual Underwriting is an advanced SaaS solution that uses Visual Intelligence to automate the underwriting of a vehicle, making the process fast and effective.



Damage detection

Damage detection

Artificial Intelligence scans and assesses the damage down to the last pixel: type, location, severity and even the extent of surface damage.



Cost estimate

Cost estimate

Bdeo can automate the recommendation of an excess to the policyholder based on the analysis of the evidence collected.


  • Evidence capture

  • Damage analysis

  • Cost estimate

Evidence capture

Via SMS and without the need to install apps

API for integrations with third parties

High-quality images analyzed by AI

Multiple call and interactive panel for evidence collection

Customizable evidence collection flow

Guided image capture system with templates and Artificial Intelligence

Scheduling appointments with the insured

Damage analysis

Pixel-level damage detection

Management panel for efficient analysis of evidence

Detection of the make and model of the vehicle, damaged surface, type of damage and its severity

VIN and license plate detection, capture and decoding via OCR

Geolocation with GPS coordinates

Cost estimate

Smart rules to automate decisions

Fraud detection through AI algorithms that contrast the evidence collected

Real-time recommendation on the deductible amount for an underwriting use case


Automation of underwriting management

We optimise underwriting management for insurers to achieve more efficient processes.

Digitisation of the underwriting process

A fully digitised and user-friendly process that saves the policyholder time and effort.

Simplified underwriting management

Easy and intuitive management to optimise the underwriting process.

Fraud detection

Verification of the authenticity of evidence through geolocation.

Use of anti-fraud measures

Insurers can clear their customer base of fraudulent users.

Easy to use

For all parties, be they policyholders, adjusters or brokers.

Improved digital experience for the policyholder

The policyholder will be underwritten or can settle a claim easily and without long delays.

Visual Intelligence Inspection

Visual De-fleeting

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