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Bdeo facilitates claims management by offering an estimate of damage costs as well as indicating the parts to be repaired or replaced.


Checking the condition of a vehicle by analysing its damage is a process that consumes a lot of time and resources from garages.

It is a long and inefficient process as it requires the physical presence of an assessor to verify and assess the damage before the parts can be replaced or repaired.

Increased policyholder dissatisfaction as a quick solution to their problem cannot be provided


Visual Intelligence makes it possible to identify and verify the damage of a vehicle and indicate which parts to replace or repair, as well as the cost of doing so

Faster repair process as workshops know which parts to repair in advance, allowing them to order ahead of time if they are not already available

Greater policyholder satisfaction as they know the price of the repair or replacement of parts in advance

Visual Intelligence Inspection

Visual Underwriting

Visual Intelligence for Claims

Visual FNOL

Visual Intelligence for Claims

Visual Estimate

Visual Intelligence Inspection

Visual Pay-As-You-Drive Inspector

We are transforming the subscription process from a matter of days to a matter of minutes. With Bdeo, we can satisfy our clients with instant onboarding; and we are also reducing operating costs.

Carmen del Campo Elvira

Chief Innovation Officer MM

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