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Bdeo helps assessors automate their vehicle and home claims management processes


Managing a home insurance claim involves trying to solve the damage suffered by the policyholder at home through complicated and inefficient processes.

Lengthy processes generate frustration and dissatisfaction for the policyholder by not providing a quick solution to their problem

They consume a large amount of the insurer's resources, both in time and costs, by forcing the assessor to physically go to verify the damage and collect evidence of it, reducing the number of operations that the assessor can perform

In the case of home insurance, as they do not have the appropriate technology, assessors cannot manage all the procedures that come to them at times of high demand.


Visual Intelligence makes it possible to automate processes that allow the management of a home or motor insurance claim

Technology based on computer vision algorithms capable of identifying and categorising the cause of a home insurance claim, allowing the assessor to only attend when it is really necessary

In motor insurance, Visual Intelligence technology allows the assessor to identify which parts of the vehicle need to be repaired or replaced, in addition to calculating their cost

It allows assessors to focus their work on what is really important, to resolve policyholder's claims, automating all those repetitive processes that can be performed by technology

Visual Intelligence Inspection

Visual Underwriting

Visual Intelligence for Claims

Visual FNOL

Visual Intelligence for Claims

Visual Estimate

Visual Intelligence Inspection

Visual Pay-As-You-Drive Inspector

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Carmen del Campo Elvira

Chief Innovation Officer MM

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