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Bdeo allows motor and home policyholders to carry out their underwriting and claims management processes in an optimal way, providing quick resolution to their issues.

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Checking the condition of a vehicle to underwrite is a complicated and inefficient process that in many cases consumes a lot of time for the policyholder

It involves a process that requires verification of the vehicle by an assessor, which entails the transfer of the vehicle by the policyholder to a centre that will review it, requiring a significant time investment on the part of the policyholder.

Many potential clients abandon the underwriting process before signing the insurance as it cannot be done in real time and requesting that they contact an assessor to verify the vehicle.


Thanks to Visual Intelligence technology, the underwriting process can be fully automated, allowing insurance assessors to focus on what is really important.

The processing of a policy is reduced by streamlining the process of collecting evidence

The number of potential clients that abandon the subscription process decreases drastically as it is now a far more agile and simple process

Thanks to the quick response of the insurer, customer satisfaction increases.

Claims management


The management of a claim or the analysis of the damage sustained to a vehicle is often a frustrating process for the policyholder who does not obtain quick resolution to their problem

The policyholder can directly collect the evidence of the damage so that the technology can verify and quantify it, focusing the work of the assessors on resolving the claim.

Policyholder dissatisfaction increases, as it seems that there is no solution to their problem


Visual Intelligence makes it possible to automate the vehicle claims management process.

The policyholder receives a quick response to the processing of their claim as evidence can be collected in real time, without having to wait for the intervention of an assessor.

Policyholder frustration reduces as there claims are processed quickly.

Time spent on claim management decreases since the number of parties involved is reduced to only the amount that is necessary.

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We are transforming the subscription process from a matter of days to a matter of minutes. With Bdeo, we can satisfy our clients with instant onboarding; and we are also reducing operating costs.

Carmen del Campo Elvira

Chief Innovation Officer MM

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