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Bdeo helps insurers automate their policy underwriting and vehicle claims management processes

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Claims management


Managing the loss or damage to a vehicle is a frustrating process for many clients that cannot be solved quickly.

It is an inefficient process, both in terms of time and cost, as assessors have to collect evidence and verify the damage, rather than the policyholder.

Customer dissatisfaction increases, as in many cases a solution to their problem is not provided.

It facilitates fraud by not ruling out the interests of other actors who are involved in the processing of a claim.


Visual Intelligence makes it possible to automate the vehicle claims management process.

Greater agility when processing a vehicle claim as it allows for collection of evidence and analysis of damage in real time, without having to wait for the intervention of an assessor.

Reduces fraud by checking and reviewing that the images provided by the policyholder are real and correspond to the insured vehicle.

Increases the margins of the insurers by saving on costs derived from the physical trips of the assessors.



Checking the condition of a vehicle to underwrite can be a complicated and time-consuming process for both the insurer and the policyholder.

It requires an important dedication of time and resources by the insurer when having an assessor physically go to perform the analysis of the vehicle.

Many potential clients abandon the underwriting process before signing the insurance as it cannot be done in real time and requesting that they contact an assessor to verify the vehicle.

Not having the appropriate technology to verify the quality of the images and their positioning contributes to an increase in fraud.


Visual Intelligence makes it possible to automate the process of underwriting a vehicle policy.

Faster processing of new policies by streamlining the evidence collection process.

Less time spent on processing the policy, which reduces the abandonment rate of the underwriting process, a key point for insurers.

Increased customer satisfaction thanks to a more agile and transparent subscription process.

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We are transforming the subscription process from a matter of days to a matter of minutes. With Bdeo we can satisfy our clients with instant onboarding; and we are also reducing operating costs.

Carmen del Campo Elvira

Chief Innovation Officer MM

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