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Management of vehicle fleets

Bdeo makes it possible to reliably automate the damage assessment and analysis process of a fleet of vehicles.


Checking the state of a fleet of vehicles means carrying out inspection and management processes that are not always efficient.

Repetitive analysis and review of vehicles is very time consuming for employees to perform.

The lack of a technology capable of identifying damage or estimating costs risks loss of information.

Disputes with customers who have ended their vehicle rental period increase by not being able to prove the location and time of the claim.

It is difficult to know the real state of the vehicle fleet and guarantee that it is in optimal conditions for customers.


Thanks to Visual Intelligence, it is possible to automate processes that make it possible to streamline and simplify the procedures involved in maintaining a fleet of vehicles in perfect condition.

Inspect the fleet of vehicles through a process in which Artificial Intelligence captures the state of the vehicle detecting any damage: type, location, severity and even the extent of the surface that is damaged.

Automatically estimate the costs of repair or replacement of parts, always giving the most optimal solution in terms of cost, time and effort.

Know what is the Bdeo recommendation in relation to the damage to be repaired and missing parts have to be replaced before transferring the vehicle to another driver.

Always have updated information on the status of the vehicle fleet to keep it in an optimal state.

Visual Intelligence Inspection

Visual De-fleeting

We are transforming the subscription process from a matter of days to a matter of minutes. With Bdeo we can satisfy our clients with instant onboarding; and we are also reducing operating costs.

Carmen del Campo Elvira

Chief Innovation Officer MM

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