Visual Intelligence: The power to change the insurance industry

Bdeo simplifies processes, automates decisions and strengthens the bond between insurers and their clients

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We revolutionize the insurance industry

Bdeo is the best technological solution for streamlining insurance processes. Thanks to Visual Intelligence, our users can assess damage and estimate costs with great precision and speed. This allows them to make the best decisions in the shortest possible time in both underwriting and claims processes.

Motor Products

We optimise the underwriting and claims processes of vehicle insurers so that their policyholders and adjusters have a better experience throughout.

Home Products

We streamline the underwriting and claims management processes of home insurance companies so that they can offer a quality service to their policyholders, which translates into increased peace of mind.

Trusted technology

Thanks to the quality of our images, accurate assessments and reliable estimates, insurers can be confident that the best decisions will be made for their customers and themselves in record time.


Evidence capture

A policyholder, agent or repair shop can instantly retrieve all the evidence themselves to handle an underwriting or claim process.


Damage analysis

By means of AI, the damage is analysed and assessed and the action that needs to be taken to manage each scenario is automatically determined.


Cost estimate

Cost estimation is automatic to allow for decisions regarding which items need to be repaired or replaced in a claim or which policy to offer to the policyholder.

About us. We are drivers in the transformation of insurers

Bdeo would not be what it is today if it had not been faithful to the guiding principles which we apply each day in our work: Automation, Innovation and Trust. These three values represent the essence of our solutions, of our team and of the assistance we provide to our customers.

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