Damage detection and verification in seconds.

Streamline decision making with intelligent recommendations that give your team superpowers. All thanks to Visual Intelligence.

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Our technology optimizes your insurance or fleet management company's processes for an advanced user experience. Accuracy, flexibility and reliability to help you in your decision making.

Your processes with Bdeo

Handling time: 3 weeks to 5 days.

Inspection: From 5 days to 5 minutes.

Reduce claim repair costs by up to 16%.

Increases fraud detection up to 15%.

Reduces direct underwriting costs by up to 70%.

More than 60 companies in 25 countries already use Bdeo.

Reduce costs. Speed up processes.

Bdeo's Visual Intelligence enables the capture of images via smartphone, then examine them and detect damage and other information instantly.

It provides cost estimation and helps the insurer or fleet company to speed up decision making: it can propose a policy, perform triage, automate the payment of cash settlements or expedite the uploading of additional evidence from the workshop.

All in a matter of minutes.

Products tailored to each industry

Motor insurance

Speeds up processes and reduces fraud from the underwriting of a new vehicle to the closure of the
management of a claim.


The status of your fleet always updated. Also for Leasing, Renting and Rent-a-car.

Property claims

Cash settlements without commuting

The most transparent technology in the industry

We implement our Visual Intelligence where you need it, at the pace you need it.


Image capture from a smartphone


Damage verification and analysis


Proposal for next steps


Workshop updates

About us. We are drivers in the transformation of insurers

65% of the Bdeo team is dedicated to the constant evolution of our technology. We always go one step further and our values accompany our product wherever it goes.

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