Our reports and white papers, where we explain in detail the latest in the insurance industry and Artificial Intelligence.

How AI is revolutionizing the insurance world

Discover the impact of Artificial Intelligence on insurers and policyholders today and in the future.

4 reasons why AI is key to smarter fleet management

For companies that manage fleets of vehicles, reviewing their status and making them available to new users as soon as possible is key to ensuring that the company does not stop generating revenue. Artificial Intelligence may be the best technology to achieve this.

How Bdeo uses Visual Intelligence in the home insurance industry

Visual Intelligence solutions have become a fundamental tool for optimising the management of claims in the home.

The Insurtech Industry in France: How to understand its situation with 10 insurtech experts

The Insurance sector is currently undergoing a major transformation and 10 French Insurtech experts who give us their own vision to understand this evolution. 

Visual Intelligence applied to the insurance industry

Artificial Intelligence in general, and Visual Intelligence in particular, are very present in our days. Perhaps, much more than we imagine.

The UK home insurance market: Challenges and opportunities in 2022 and beyond

Innovation in home insurance has become a must for the industry, as only in this way will the sector be able to face the challenges ahead and offer a better experience to policyholders.

How to improve the customer experience through Artificial Intelligence

In this guide we give you 3 key points on the importance of Visual Intelligence technology to improve your company's customer experience, the focus of many insurers.

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