Fastest underwriting in the market

Remote and digital process from the policyholder's smartphone: now in just a matter of minutes.

Thanks to the digital and self-guided collection of evidence, it allows you to instantly verify the condition of the vehicle and recommends a deductible based on your standards. Thus, it reduces any attempt of fraud while reducing the time required for a new underwriting.

Vehicle underwriting with Bdeo

New policy enrollment in 5 minutes.

Reduces direct underwriting costs by up to 70%.

Increases fraud detection by up to 15%.

¿How does it work?

Guided evidence collection.

Through the taking of photos or a video call with the adjuster or adjuster/appraiser. Detects and prevents fraud. Without installing any APP.

Damage detection and analysis

Identifies and weights the damage down to the last pixel: type, location, severity and extent of damaged surface. It also decodes the VIN and license plate number through OCR.

Deductible recommendation

Intelligent process that adapts to your business rules. It allows you to accept in real time the amount of the deductible, finalizing the process in minutes.

Mutua Madrileña

Bdeo creates with Mutua Madrileña the first Artificial Intelligence system that transforms the policy underwriting process.

Motor claims

Fleet management

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