The fastest claims resolution in the industry

Our technology gives super powers to the appraiser or expert and achieves ultra-fast resolution.

Covers the claim lifecycle, from initial notification to bodyshop negotiation, in order to speed up the resolution process. Improves response at peak times, reduces fraud, cuts costs and unnecessary travel, and limits environmental impact.

Claims management with Bdeo

Reduces direct underwriting costs by up to 70%.

Increases fraud detection by up to 15%.

Resolution and handling: 3 weeks to 5 days.

¿How does it work?

Guided evidence collection.

Through the taking of photos or a video call with the appraiser or expert. Detects and prevents fraud. Without installing any APP.

Damage detection and analysis

Identifies and weights the damage down to the last pixel: type, location, severity and extent of damaged surface. It also decodes the VIN and license plate number through OCR.

Triage and cost estimation

Proposes a triage based on the damage detected according to your own standards. Estimates the cost of repairing the parts, being able to immediately close cash settlement processes. 

Additional bodyshop information

Allows the bodyshop to access the process to incorporate additional evidence. Streamlines the negotiation to accelerate the closing of the process.

Zurich México

Zurich Mexico is committed to innovation in order to offer a better experience to its policyholders. To this end, the Bdeo solution has enabled them to reduce by 50% the time that the appraiser spends managing the claim compared to the traditional tool.

Property claims

Fleet management

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