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Artificial Intelligence & Technology

5 TED Talks to understand how AI has changed the world

13 julio 2021 · By Irene Martínez

Artificial Intelligence & Technology

How technology is revolutionising the home insurance claims management process

08 julio 2021 · By Irene Martínez


New Bdeo Deductible Add-On: automatic excess recommendation

01 julio 2021 · By Irene Martínez

Visual Intelligence applied to the insurance industry

Artificial Intelligence in general, and Visual Intelligence in particular, are very present in our days. Perhaps, much more than we imagine.

Zurich Ecuador

Bdeo is working with Zurich Ecuador to offer its customers a digital, personal and fast solution that allows them to manage their policy underwriting and claims process. 

Mutua Madrileña

Bdeo creates with Mutua Madrileña the first Artificial Intelligence system that helps automate the policy underwriting process.

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