Cash settlement in just a few clics

Reduces management costs. Streamlines processes. Minimizes fraud. All thanks to the simplest implementation of Artificial Intelligence.

We integrate our less invasive Visual Intelligence solution into your claims resolution processes, such as damage to glass or glass-ceramic hobs. This way, your customer can provide images of the damage and the invoice from their smartphone in a matter of minutes. You will immediately receive the necessary information to continue processing the claim without the need to contact the insured again.

¿How does it work?

Evidence upload

Your policyholder uploads images of the damage and the repair invoice to the platform, via their smartphone and without downloading any APP.

Data collection with AI

Analyzes and compares the policyholder's data with the information on the invoice or estimate to ensure that the claim is handled correctly.

Price comparison

The IA compares the repair price provided by the insured with the usual repair cost for similar damages, avoiding cash settlements with deviations higher than those established by the company.

Data authentication

The AI checks that the location of the claim corresponds to that of the policy and performs other checks to control possible fraud.

Motor claims

Vehicle underwriting

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