Keep track of the status of your vehicle fleet at any time

Visual Intelligence for Renting, Leasing, Rent-a-car, and for management and updating of commercial fleets or VTC.

Know in real time the condition of the vehicle and its mileage. Compare and quantify damage before and after receipt in a matter of minutes. Reduce costs and remarketing times. All thanks to Visual Intelligence.

How we support you

Inspection at delivery and return of the vehicle. Goal: to support the before and after comparison through Artificial Intelligence.

Inspection of large fleets prior to shipment to suppliers or offices. Goal: to have a digital record of the condition in which the vehicle is shipped.

Periodic inspection for fleet status. Goal: to know periodically the status and mileage, prevent costs.

Out-of-hours rent-a-car deliveries. Goal: agentless inspection in real time and with digital verification of location and schedule.

Customizable data collection flow. Goal: digital customer autonomy for quick and easy data integration and documentation.

Remote inspection prior to return. Goal: to anticipate decision making by knowing the condition of the car prior to its return.

¿How does it work?

Evidence capture

Self-guided and personalized process, without downloading any APP. The end user or the receiving agent takes exterior images of the vehicle and the odometer so that the AI can do its job.

Damage detection and analysis

Identified and classified according to their typology, contributing to the comparison with a previous state of the same vehicle.

Cost estimation

Detail of repair costs (according to integrations), segmented by price and labor.

Process streamlining

According to your business rules and own triggers, the AI proposes the repair or replacement of parts. It also advises you on whether the car can be re-rented or if it is better to send it to a B2B sales channel.

Vehicle underwriting

Motor claims

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