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What’s Bdeo

21 June 2021 · By Ruth Puente

Bdeo was born four years ago with a clear mission: to change the insurance industry. And this is the goal we have been pursuing ever since. In 2021 we have undergone a rebranding and it is precisely our claim, The power to change the insurance industry, which has been the key piece that has allowed us to set in motion all the gears around our new identity.

But what is Bdeo and how have we and will we continue to transform the insurance industry? Thanks to our Visual Intelligence technology. A unique technology based on computer vision algorithms that allow us to collect and verify auto and home damage to automate insurers' underwriting and claims management processes. 

Bdeo is key to optimising insurers' day-to-day operations, allowing their agents to focus on what really matters: policyholders, while the technology performs the most repetitive tasks. Providing a better service to people is a top priority for insurers at a time when trust is paramount.

We mentioned technology, automation and trust. These are the three pillars of Bdeo on which we base our product, communication and, in short, the three components of our DNA. 

Now, we have to prepare ourselves for what is to come, because nobody said it was easy to be part of the transformation of an industry.

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