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DIA Munich 2022: the perfect stage to talk about Bdeo Profiler

06 October 2022 · By Pablo Martínez

Just a few days ago we took part in the new edition of DIA Munich. Three of our Bdeo members were in charge of representing our company’s face and voice at the most important event of the insurance sector in Europe; Ana Asuero, CPO, Teresa Arana, Business Development & Growth EU, and myself. 

Over the course of two fantastic days we enjoyed many talks with experts from the insurance and technological sector, where we were able to share our experience in developing Visual Intelligence and how we apply it to many of the problems that companies face today. 

Ana was selected to present one of our latest functionalities to the DIA audience: Bdeo Profiler. If you couldn’t make it, don't worry, we leave this brief summary of the highlights of this new development of our product. 

It is true that technology helps insurance companies to streamline their processes and reduce their operational costs whilst offering a better experience to their customers. However, technological solutions are not always perfect and sometimes it is essential for an agent to review certain complex cases. At Bdeo we are aware of this need, so we launched Bdeo Profiler. 

Thanks to our Machine Learning technology and Manual Intervention Low Touch system, the algorithms are able to differentiate the cases that can potentially be automated from those that require manual intervention. All of this according to the business logic of each client.

So why did we decide to go for this? Technology should aim to generate greater confidence in the insurance sector. At Bdeo, our expertise lies in helping insurance companies through technology.

This idea of granting the insurance industry greater confidence through technological humanization was our message at DIA Munich 2022; what will it be next year? We are already counting down the days for the following edition!

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