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Lagun Aro and Bdeo: speeding up the underwriting process

19 December 2023 · By Ana Navarrina

Greetings, insurance innovation passionate readers! We are excited to share with you how Bdeo, our company specialising in Visual Intelligence, is revolutionising the industry with Seguros Lagun Aro.

Together, we have been able to automate around 70% of their underwriting of car insurance policies with All Risks: specifically, those where the customer chooses to self-verify their vehicle, which Lagun Aro considers to be the fastest, most efficient, sustainable and convenient way for the customer.

Ask for a demo to find out how we can transform your processes.

Self-verification: The Key to Efficiency

Over the last three years, we have been working hand in hand with Lagun Aro, progressively integrating video-verification systems with Visual Intelligence in the car insurance underwriting processes. The result: underwriting times that have gone from hours to minutes. The Visual Intelligence systems incorporated allow the identification of vehicle damage immediately and with high precision. As a result, Lagun Aro's NPS has been strengthened by focusing on the best user experience.

This is not just a process improvement; it is a commitment to the transformation of the insurance sector.

Beyond Vehicles: Home in Focus

But that's not all. Our collaboration is expanding to new horizons, seeking to verify other types of risks, consolidating our commitment to the digital transformation of the insurance industry. We are now also focusing on home insurance where we are working to optimise processes to offer more agile and efficient services.

"The collaboration with Bdeo has been fundamental to our digital transformation and improvement of the contracting process. Their technology and understanding of our needs have led us to success in automating critical processes".

Asier Miguel, Head of Auto at Lagun Aro.

We are delighted to have accompanied Lagun Aro in its commitment to innovation. Do you want to know more about how we are shaping the future of insurance? Contact us!

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