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Bdeo’s Artificial Intelligence, the lever for sustainability in the insurance industry

06 October 2021 · By Asier Lozano

The insurance industry is in the midst of a digital transformation process. Technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Visual Intelligence, blockchain, and augmented reality have crept into the daily operations of insurers to make their processes more efficient thanks to automatization. 

Thanks to this optimization of a large part of their daily processes, insurers are not only able to provide a better experience to their policyholders or see their costs reduced, they are also  able to help society as a whole. Read on to find out more.

1. How Bdeo’s AI and our products help to the insurance industry to be more sustainable

In order to provide more context, let’s start by answering the question, what do we do at Bdeo? We apply our Visual Intelligence solutions to both the motor and home insurance verticals. 

In the case of motor insurance, our technology can be applied to various underwriting and claims management processes. This includes evidence capture, which allows us to make the contracting of the policy and even the recommendation of the deductible, collection of damage evidence and cost estimation in case of replacement or repair of parts. 

For home insurance, our claims management solution allows us to identify water damage in a home and identify its cause or origin in a matter of seconds. In this way, we enable insurers to focus on a solution to the claim and not on the identification of the origin of the damage, because that is already provided by us thanks to our Visual Intelligence technology.

Now that we have explained what our solutions do, let’s move on to another question. How does our technology help to improve the insurance industry?

Bdeo has a clear mission to change the insurance industry. To do so, our technology is capable of optimizing the daily work of assessors and adjusters to accelerate the processes of insurers. Thanks to the automation provided by our technology, company technicians can focus on much more concrete and specific tasks, such as serious damage that require manual review.

However, policyholders also benefit from our technology because they can enjoy a better experience with their insurer. At a time when the policyholder needs to be heard and receive messages of reassurance, technicians can focus on that as the more repetitive work can be done through technology. In addition, this allows a much faster solution to be provided to the policyholder. For example, in the case of home insurance, once the cause of the damage is identified through AI, the insurer will only have to decide which professional to send for repair based on the outputs provided by Bdeo’s own administration panel. 

2. How the insurance industry contributes to sustainability and environment.

Now you know what we contribute to the insurance sector, but what about society as a whole? At Bdeo, we pride ourselves on our environmental responsibility. We are a company committed to the environment and we want to do our best to take care of it. Therefore, our technology, in addition to directly help policyholders and insurers, also has an impact on society as a whole.

The solutions developed and marketed by Bdeo have an impact on reducing the carbon footprint by reducing the need for assessors to travel to inspect property, whether homes or vehicles. As a result, it is estimated that Bdeo saves an average of 15 km per intelligent verification per trip. 

These figures that may not seem much when they are viewed globally, but they do their bit towards a trend that is becoming increasingly widespread in the insurance industry.

3. We are committed to sustainability and environment

In addition to what we contribute as technology to the insurance sector, from our office we are also committed to a sustainable model in which work and environment coexist:

  • We recycle any type of waste, providing the means in the office so that this can be done.

  • We promote a paperless office, always favoring digital media over paper. In this sense, all our internal documentation is digitally signed by employees. In the same way, we favor signing and delivering documents to our suppliers and customers digitally, whenever possible. 

It is in our hands to take care of our planet, both individually and collectively. This is something we are very aware of at Bdeo. That is why we provide solutions and promote actions and activities that help us to achieve this, making our environment a better place to enjoy.

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