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Claims management in Italy: the insurance company that created a digital and differentiated experience

02 September 2022 · By Ana Navarrina

One of Italy's international leading insurance companies approached us with a particular challenge: they wanted to set a precedent in the industry by offering an extraordinary experience to their customers. 

This is the story of how they became our client and how we ended up working together to develop an extraordinary experience for their customers through our technology. 

If you want to know more, read on.

A new policyholder

This leading insurer turns to Bdeo when it senses a change in policyholder behaviour. This is a new customer profile for motor and home insurance companies around the world.

  • They are used to immediacy in the services they purchase. 

  • They manage their lives from their smartphone and move in a digital environment.

  • If they have a question or need assistance, they are less and less tolerant of waiting and demand extremely fast handling.

  • They have adopted remote as a way of life and are increasingly negative about having to travel unnecessarily to do things they can do from anywhere.

This clashes with the claims handling process previously offered by motor insurers: a customer experience that is not very digital, not very agile, with transfers and long waits to find out the results. 

Leading the change

This is when the Italian insurer set out to develop a new digital customer experience. They were driven by their commitment to always offer a service that accompanies policyholders in their needs. The company wants to go a step further and set a precedent in the market with a proposal that has so far been atypical.

Through a digital claims management experience, they can increase the satisfaction of a customer who has changed and who has a new understanding of these services. All, of course, without losing the human touch that marks excellence in the insurance sector.

How to design this digital experience, what technology is needed, and does it really increase customer satisfaction? It is in the face of these questions that the Italian insurer joins forces with Bdeo, an alliance that will be crucial to create a precedent and become a benchmark in the market.

Bdeo's fully digital experience

This is how Bdeo helps the leading Italian insurer create a digital and automated end-to-end claims management process

The company easily integrates Bdeo's technology into its customer communication and back-office processes to automate the entire process, from FNOL to settlement. 

How does it work? Through their smartphone, the policyholder can share in real time all relevant information about the claim immediately after the incident, through a self-guided process. The photos taken of the vehicle are processed by Bdeo's Artificial Intelligence to provide the insurance manager with invaluable information in a matter of seconds: damage detected, estimated repair and/or replacement costs and the potential risk of fraud, among others.

The direct results are obvious: the claim processing time is significantly reduced. Thanks to this remote, digital and instantaneous management, the company is able to offer a better experience for the insured. In addition, the insurer experiences a reduction in fraud and handling costs, which also has a positive impact on the business. Mutual victory for the policyholder and the insurer, which sets a precedent in the industry.

If you want to know more about how Bdeo can help you offer a digital and differential customer experience, don't hesitate to ask us for a demo!

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