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How Bdeo's Artificial Intelligence is used in Greece and Cyprus: Ydrogios Insurance

30 May 2023 · By Ana Navarrina

Bdeo is present in more than 25 countries. For us, internationalisation and the adaptability of our product to the different regions where we are present is fundamental.

Therefore, we are happy to tell you more about our project with VDFM Ltd and Ydrogios Insurance a project that in this case takes place in Greece and Cyprus. If you want to know more about it, read on.

Detection and estimation of damage in vehicle claims

Bdeo is an official partner of VDFM in Greece and Cyprus. Together, we have developed AUTOCHECK24, a solution for the detection and estimation of damage in vehicle claims, powered by our Visual Intelligence technology, a specific type of Artificial Intelligence that we develop and improve every day. Now, thanks to the cooperation between VDFM and Ydrogios Insurance, the insurer will implement this technological solution in a bid to improve its claims management processes and customer experience.

How does it work?

This state-of-the-art AI service uses photo/video capture, which is sent by sms, to simplify and speed up the pre-insurance check. If damage is detected, a full identification of the vehicle is made by VIN and the damaged surface points are automatically identified, as well as the required replacement parts and the resulting costs.

In addition, this process safeguards the driver's personal data in compliance with GDPR and requires almost zero data consumption. The service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and works via a mobile app or SMS link with a turnaround time of only 3 minutes without the need for the customer to make an appointment with their insurer.

Ydrogios Insurance joins our success stories, as part of our commitment to help insurers reduce time, cut costs and improve their customer experience, whether in underwriting processes or, as in this case, claims management.

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