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Ana Seguros Integrates Bdeo's AI into the product lifecycle

14 June 2024 · By Ana Navarrina

ANA Seguros, a leading Mexico-based insurance company with more than 25 years of experience in the industry, has significantly streamlined its auto claims management and policy underwriting processes thanks to a strategic collaboration with Bdeo, the leading Visual Intelligence technology company.

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The Challenge: Creating a faster, remote adjustment experience

ANA Seguros was Bdeo´s first partnership in Latin America, and we now work with 28 insurers across Latin America, including nine in Mexico and more than 60 worldwide. The agreement with ANA Seguros was reinforced in 2023 to incorporate more of Bdeo´s services after achieving exceptional results.

Activating its policy underwriting processes directly from its digital channel was a challenge for ANA Seguros, for they wanted to provide clients with a more agile and satisfactory experience in a remote and digitized way.

The company also aimed to improve its claims management processes, necessitating the ability to estimate the cost of repair and provide immediate compensation in record time. The goal was especially ambitious considering that minimum time for an adjuster to arrive at the claim is approximately 30 minutes, but an average of one hour.

Bdeo: AI covering the vehicle lifecycle

Bdeo developed a holistic solution for ANA Seguros to perform inspections, remote adjustments, live indemnity, repair work valuations, and glass damage management.

As a result, ANA Seguros became the first insurance company globally to apply Bdeo´s Visual Intelligence technology across the entire vehicle lifecycle - allowing policyholders and claims adjusters to access any of these services directly from anywhere, whether on site or remotely

Bdeo´s technology detects damage in images or videos of a vehicle, identifies damaged parts and the severity of the damage, and, depending on the case, offers an estimate of the repair costs or policy recommendations.

Four main uses cases:

Immediate indemnities, which previously took several days.

The use cases are different and varied. An ANA Seguros adjuster can take images of the vehicle from their smartphone for indemnity management or payments. Then, Bdeo´s Visual Intelligence identifies the type of damage and its severity, then determining whether each part needs to be replaced or repaired. After instant analysis, the adjuster can quickly offer an estimate to the involved party with full technical details and make the payment immediately if the proposed indemnity is accepted.

The results: Indemnity payments that once took 3 to 5 days are now immediate-resulting in a better customer experience, increased productivity for the claims team, and release of reserves that will improve the company's financial health.

Streamlining vehicle repair center valuations

By streamlining damage evidence management with the increased accuracy of Visual Intelligence, ANA Seguros reduced the number of repairs where add-ons are requested from 38% to 5% compared to other valuation platforms. This means that repair shops request fewer add-ons to the initial repair order, resulting in repair approvals in record time to save both cost and time.

The results: ANA Seguros has seen an increase in productivity, reducing claims valuation times by 40% compared to traditional tools. The time it takes to send estimates has also been reduced from 72 to 4 hours, significantly impacting the effort to lower the average cost of repair, cancellations or returns on parts orders, and improving the cost-benefit for repair centers.

Glass damage management and remote adjustments.

In the case of broken glass, Bdeo helps the glazier in charge streamline the repair process by allowing them to take and upload images to a portal to unify the visual information regarding the repair process (before and after). It has been made possible to reduce the repair authorization time by more than half, successfully completing 100% of the glass files.

Likewise, in the case of policy underwriting, direct and remote contracting by the insured through ANA Seguros ' digital channel has been promoted as an alternative option for contracting through brokers, generating a very agile and satisfactory customer experience.

The key to the success of this collaboration has been the innovative spirit of ANA Seguros and their ability to integrate this technology into various use cases. We are proud to be able to work with them. Both companies continue to explore new opportunities to innovate and improve their services in the future.

Julio Pernía, CEO of Bdeo

The goal that has always distinguished us as an auto insurance company is to provide the best service in the market to our policyholders, always offering them the most innovative and current tools. When we started this collaboration with Bdeo, we thought about how we could be there where our insured requires our support in the fastest time possibleThis is how ANA remote adjustment was born, the solution allowing us to provide support, advice, and solutions immediately to our policyholders via any smartphone in case of a claim, thus eliminating waiting times. But the story does not end with this achievement: we continue to develop processes that – with the help of Bdeo’s technology – give ANA Seguros the ability to provide our policyholders with a fully digital experience accompanied by AI for any claims adjustment processes, damage to glass windows, and valuations in repair centers and partial indemnities.
Undoubtedly, to be a pioneer in integrating AI across all of our claims processes required significant effort, which, together with Bdeo, we achieved to offer our policyholders the best possible experience. Today, the results have been worth it, and we continue working to provide better and new options for claims management.

Jonathan Granados, National Claims Director of ANA Seguros

We are delighted that Ana Seguros is the first company in the world to apply Bdeo for the entire product life cycle. Want to learn more about how to streamline your operations and take them to the next level? Contact us!

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