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Bdeo, included in the list of Top InsurTech Leaders compiled by ACORD in conjunction with Alchemy Crew

26 January 2022 · By Irene Martínez

ACORD, an organisation that promotes information about the insurance industry worldwide, has compiled its annual Top InsurTech Leaders list together with Alchemy Crew. This list evaluates the vision, execution and results of those companies, which have continued to grow in recent months despite the ongoing uncertainty.

ACORD and Alchemy Crew have identified four key aspects that affect the entire insurtech industry and that allow them to continue to focus on innovation and transformation. These points were:

  • Collaboration. The industry is aware that in order for all of us to continue to grow, we all need to collaborate. This will be the only way to boost innovation and with it, the commitment to new technologies.

  • Making the insurtech industry much more accessible to everyone. One of the companies' goal is to reach out to new generations and other sectors that can sometimes be left out. To this end, offering opportunities and resources for all is one of the key pillars on which these leaders are committed.

  • ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance). Without a doubt, the next 12 months are going to be extremely important for sustainability, the more social aspects of the industry and leadership. Doing our bit to reduce the impact of climate change is up to us, and many of us are already developing solutions to make it easier.

  • Continue to build digital environments. Digitalisation has facilitated globalisation and interconnected work, without which many companies would not be able to achieve their current business figures.

Bdeo has been included among the companies that are committed to making the insurtech industry more accessible to everyone. We want the processing of a claim or the subscription of an insurance policy not to be a complex and arduous process for the insured. We want the companies to speed up these processes and thanks to our Visual Intelligence solutions it is possible.

Thanks to ACORD and Alchemy Crew for including us in this list, let's continue transforming the insurance industry thanks to technology!

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