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Insurance Cash Settlements: Ready for an AI Overhaul

19 June 2024 · By Ana Navarrina

As published by: InsurTech Digital.

Cash settlements in car insurance have sparked a mix of acceptance and pushback over the past decade. Traditionalists in the industry are still wary of the potential for claims fraud and exaggerations. However, cash settlements are one of the best ways to reduce operational expenses and expedite the process of evaluating minor claims. They are also becoming increasingly appealing as operating costs continue to rise in the wake of escalating economic challenges and natural disasters such as more severe storms. The main benefit of cash settlements has always been the immediate availability of funds for the insured, providing policyholders the flexibility to prioritize their needs. 

While most policyholders welcome cash settlements, especially in cases of minor or aesthetic damage, the process is still notorious for its inefficiencies. Challenges can range from unreasonably low offers from insurers, fraudulent claims, and even policyholders realizing too late that the cash received is insufficient for their needs. Not to mention, the need to travel to assess damage on-site can strain company resources and employees who are already overwhelmed with work.

The good news is that with AI stepping into the arena, cash settlements are on the verge of an overhaul, with the promise of an expedited and better experience for everyone involved.

Putting small claims in the fast lane

By bringing AI into the settlement process, insurers can substantially reduce their overhead costs. Policyholders can submit images and video footage of damage from any mobile device for insurers to evaluate quickly and remotely using Visual Intelligence. A type of advanced computer vision AI, Visual Intelligence can cross-reference the evidence with a database of recognized damage patterns, quickly determining the severity of the claim and whether or not it qualifies for a cash settlement. 

Comparing the damage evidence with historical data can also help indicate potential fraud cases, flagging suspicious claims for further investigation. Visual intelligence can detect patterns and inconsistencies that may indicate false or exaggerated claims, thereby protecting the integrity of the settlement process. It can also help flag vehicles that may have internal damage or damage that impacts a vehicle’s safety, ruling them out for a cash settlement. 

Gone are the days of time-consuming back-and-forth communication and additional transportation costs related to assessing and documenting damage for a claim on-site. By remotely qualifying low-touch claims for a cash settlement using AI, insurers can reduce claims processing times from several days to mere minutes. This helps cut costs and reallocates valuable human resources to more complex, judgment-based cases where they are most needed.

Speedy, fair compensation becomes the standard

AI’s inclusion into the small claims process can ultimately translate into faster payouts, reducing the wait and uncertainty often accompanying cash settlements. AI-assisted assessments offer a more consistent evaluation, which is critical for policyholder satisfaction and keeping the process and prices fair. 

The evolution of AI in vehicle insurance cash settlements, in particular, is a striking example of how technology can help transform an industry for the better – turning pain points into opportunities for innovation. Scenarios that previously required weeks of back-and-forth negotiation can now be settled in days. Furthermore, with faster cash settlements, insurance firms can provide better service and stand out in a competitive market. 

Still, this revolution is only possible when insurance companies make the leap and invest in AI-driven solutions. We are in a pivotal moment for the industry – those who adapt will thrive, elevating not only their bottom line but also the customer experience. With the right technology at hand, the road ahead for cash settlements looks faster, friendlier, and much fairer.

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