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This is the technological approach by Orbis Seguros that has won a Five Star Award

26 July 2022 · By Ana Navarrina

Last June we received some excellent news, the kind of news you celebrate by popping open a shaken bottle of champagne. Our Argentinean client Orbis Seguros had been awarded the Five Star Awards. 

Jorge Alberto García Vega, Technology Director of Orbis Seguros, collected the award for the Southern Cone region during the Latin America Insurance IT Executive Summit, held in Florida. 

This award, granted by CELENT and Insurance Innovation Reporter, seeks to distinguish the most innovative technology executives in the insurance industry in each region of Latin America. An award for perseverance and Orbis Seguros' commitment to innovation in which Bdeo has had the privilege of playing a fundamental role. 

How did they achieve this? Read on👇

Orbis' commitment to innovation

Orbis' commitment to digitalisation and new technologies has been a courageous and demanding undertaking since its inception a few years ago, a commitment that was rarely seen in the sector at the time. 

The Argentinian insurance company is a leader in property, life and personal accident insurance, has been in business for more than 60 years, and has been providing care for more than 350,000 policyholders without respite. One of its most deeply rooted values, which we share at Bdeo, is to always go one step further in its customer service: to achieve excellence and complete satisfaction of the insured through innovation.

The company was quick to foresee a significant change in the insurance customer, now more digital and demanding greater immediacy in processes. This is when Orbis focused on incorporating new technologies into its processes. To this end, it formed a dream-team of companies and technological solutions in which Bdeo became part: an elite team from the insurtech sector, working perfectly aligned under the command of Orbis to achieve perfection.

The role of Bdeo 

In this dream-team, Bdeo's role is an important one: process automation. A term that, in the insurance sector, which is so committed to offering a humane treatment to the customer, is a little feared. However, the key to automation is to carry it out only where it is necessary for each insurer and to implement it progressively. 

In the case of Orbis, with Bdeo's technology they can streamline their vehicle underwriting processes saving time and money. We are implementing our Visual Intelligence, a specific form of Artificial Intelligence, which allows the insured to take photographs and videos of the vehicle, evidence that the AI itself analyses for damage. In a matter of seconds, it can provide the insurer with conclusions and a cost estimate for the policy. 

In this way, Orbis will save time and travel for the insured and their agents, and also save on administration costs. Most importantly, it will be able to offer the policyholder an extremely simple and streamlined underwriting experience. 

The result: a winning bet on technology

These are the ingredients that have enabled the Orbis technology team and its director, Jorge Alberto García Vega, to win a Five Star Award:

  • Constant and unwavering commitment to innovation.

  • The active search for new technologies to incorporate in different processes.

  • The customer as the immovable centre of the entire strategy.

  • The commitment to automation and Artificial Intelligence without losing the human touch.

Orbis Seguros has a lot to celebrate, but we know that they are not going to waste a second in order to continue working tirelessly on their digitalisation. We will be by their side every step of the way, but for the time being, we are going to open another bottle of champagne to continue celebrating this great success. 

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