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Why it is important to know the cause of damage in the home in order to estimate costs

24 June 2022 · By Irene Martínez

Anyone who drives and owns a vehicle has probably had to file a claim for damage to their car. This damage can be serious, leaving a part of the vehicle completely unusable, or minor, such as a simple scratch on the back.

When this claim is filed and the claim management process begins, insurers review the reported damage through Visual Intelligence solutions and have direct information on the cost of repair or replacement of the part. The cause of the damage is not relevant in any case.

In contrast, this does not happen in the case of household claims.

Three keys to understanding why you need to know the cause of damage when estimating costs in the home

1. Knowing the cause determines whether the loss adjuster has to go to the scene of the claim.

In many cases it is not necessary for the loss adjuster to go to the place where the damage has occurred. This saves costs for companies because it avoids the need for the loss adjuster to travel to the site and also shortens resolution times. In addition, it makes it easier for loss adjusters to focus on more serious cases that require an in-person inspection.

2. Knowing the cause helps identify which professional should be called in to resolve the claim.

One of the main problems with water damage is that the cause determines how and by whom it should be dealt with. In other words, a claim reported because of a leaking roof as a result of heavy rainfall or a burst pipe in a residential building is not the same.

In each case, a series of specific professionals, who do not always have to be the same, will have to be called in to repair and resolve it. 

In addition, this will also make it possible to estimate the repair time.

3. Knowing the cause of the damage makes it easier to determine a level of severity.

If the damage has caused a series of problems for the insured, such as a small flood or damp in the living room, knowing the cause of the damage allows a level of seriousness to be set for the claim.

The purpose of doing this is so that the company can prioritise the most important claims in order to offer the best care to its policyholders.

How can insurers meet these three keys easily, quickly and safely? Thanks to Visual Intelligence technology, such as that developed by Bdeo. Find out more at

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