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Bdeo's new application for Guidewire Marketplace revolutionizes vehicle claims assessment and estimation

11 May 2022 · By Ana Navarrina

The new Ready for Guidewire accelerator created by Bdeo has created for Guidewire ClaimCenter is now available on the Guidewire Marketplace. A long-awaited collaboration that brings great benefits to insurers. What are they? Let's find out.

Breaking down barriers in claims management

According to McKinsey & Company, Artificial Intelligence (AI) will help transform the insurance industry, including property and casualty (P&C) claims processing where the use of data-capture, sensors, and other technology is increasing.

At Bdeo, we leverage AI automation to enable insurers globally to accelerate vehicle damage claim processing. Using Bdeo Visual Intelligence, a policyholder can digitally submit First Notice of Loss (FNOL) images and video, and the Visual Intelligence quickly assesses the severity and repair costs associated with the claim and provides the insurer with an automated analysis.

Within Guidewire ClaimCenter, insurers can now view Bdeo repair cost estimates, make decisions with accuracy, and even engage service providers. Bdeo Visual Intelligence also enables repair providers to instantly retrieve digital evidence capture and damage analyses

With Bdeo’s accelerator, insurers can:

  • Issue remote inspection requests within ClaimCenter;

  • Request policyholders to submit digital images and video of damage, or schedule a video call with them to provide real-time guidance, both digitally and remotely; and

  • Quickly provide damage reports to policyholders and service providers.

A better customer experience

Thanks to this technology, insurers can assess damages and estimate costs accurately and quickly, allowing them to make the best decisions with agility; that efficiency leads to faster claims closure, and helps insurance companies provide a better experience for their customers.

Becky Mattick, vice president of Global Solution Alliances, congratulated Bdeo "for its ClaimCenter accelerator. Parts processing is sometimes a very complex process. Putting AI-based algorithms in the hands of insurers through ClaimCenter streamlines productivity, which helps improve the customer experience."

If you want to know more about our Visual Intelligence solutions, do not hesitate to contact us.

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Visual Intelligence applied to the insurance industry

Artificial Intelligence in general, and Visual Intelligence in particular, are very present in our days. Perhaps, much more than we imagine.